Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good find of the week: Vidna Obmana's rare "Trilogy" for download from Emusic

One thing I want to do with this blog, is make listeners aware of good albums that have gone out of print or are hard to find, but that become available again, especially in a downloadable format.

For those who care, Emusic has just made Vidna Obmana's "Trilogy" available for download. Obmana makes what I would call deep ambient music much in the vein of Steve Roach or Robert Rich. The "Trilogy" is a box set featuring three of Obmana's earliest recordings; "Passage in Beauty," "Ending Mirage," and "Shadowing in Sorrow." Hard copies are pretty rare. A used one goes for about $100 on, and a new one there is selling for about $250. I was lucky enough to score a cheap copy of "Ending Mirage" a few years ago, when I was first discovering Obmana's music, but have never been able to get my hands on the other two discs. "Ending Mirage" is a wonderful disc, filled with haunting, melodic, ambient soundscapes, and I understand the other two discs are in a similar vein, though I have not had the chance to listen to them yet (I just downloaded them this evening). All three albums together comprise about 21 tracks and an Emusic membership with 30 downloads is only about $10 a month. It's a great deal, even if you've never heard Obmana's music before but are a fan of serious ambient music.

P.S. When you go to Emusic, you will have to find and download each disc individually by name. They are not listed collectively under the "Trilogy" heading.

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