Saturday, August 09, 2008

More stuff on the way

Hello all. Just wanted to let those of you who have begun to check this blog with some regularity know that there is plenty more stuff on the way. I've been listening to and thinking about music I like for a long time now, and have plenty of ideas for more posts here. I've run out of vacation time, however, and now that I only have two day weekends again for the foreseeable future, my posting may slow down a bit, so please bear with me. I'm currently working on a new post featuring some of my favorite deep ambient music available for free download on the web. Aside from this post I also have posts in the work on the following topics:

1.) More of my favorite netlabel releases of all time (at least one more post)
2.) More of my favorite shoegazer music
3.) Some of my favorite instrumental/ambient guitar albums
4.) More of my favorite netlabel compilations

Keep checking back and I will be posting new things when I have the time and energy to get to it. Also, I've updated the songs in my player to reflect the contents of the last few posts. I've attempted to include as many full length songs as possible. Peace.

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